Monday, January 09, 2006

All is quiet in the house - only Johann and I are up. I'll start coffee and my morning routine soon, but for now I'll hold onto him with one hand and wrote with the other. He has gotten so wiggly that keeping him from grabbibg the object of his desire is difficult. He would love to chew on the computer a little - or if not that, then at least the phone. Problem solved! Now he's on the floor on a blanket with some toys in front of him.

I think the most difficult thing as a parent is finding these moments (relatively) alone, and I have learned to treat them as golden. Now, of course, Glady and Juliet have come in, brightly greeting me with "Good Morning, Mama!" before they sit, one on each side of their brother. They are wearing identical pink pajamas this morning. Juliet has just noticed that her baby brother has pudgy little hands; she was a little worried about the "holes in his hands" before I explained that he has dimples where she has knuckles.

Johann is loving all the attention, of course, cooing happily and waving his toys at them. Now Pippa is up and sitting with them, talking about a broken toy. My morning moment is officially over, I need to get up and go make coffee and chocolate milk. I am lingering on listening to the girls talk among themselves and wondering at the amazing fact that I have four little treasures.

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