Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guess Who?

answer tomorrow!

Juliet wrote me some poetry

"I love dogs
I love cats
I love you, too
I can eat
Cats can run
Dogs can't climb trees
I love you
(love, Pippa)
I love cats and dogs
That is me
And that is that"

By Juliet, Feb. 27, 2007

She wrote that in the whiteboard yesterday along with a cute monster illustration at the bottom yesterday. I think it started with trying to teach Pippa to read and write.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just a little

I'm going to try and post more often - not much to tell today. I've had a couple of really busy days, and today was pretty routine. Phil had a show in the afternoon, and I took a nap :) Other than that we worked in the office together for a change, finishing our library letter. The kids played in their room with legos most of the day, and hung out with me in the kitchen the rest of the time. Glady helped me make lunch after Phil left - the girls were having fish sticks and I made myself flatbread to spread hummus on. It struck them that I was really making tortillas ( I have got to find a real pita recipe) so they asked if they could make fish stick tacos. We shredded Napa cabbage and drizzled a little lime juice on the fish sticks and served it on warm whole wheat tortillas, Yummy! and the hummus was pretty good on them, too.

The pictures are from Glady's 8 th birthday party! A month ago already, I can hardly believe it. Phil's 43rd is coming up fast on the 25th, and I must remember to send Juniper a card. *sigh*

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life is normal - Busy!

Phil, having taken on a second job merchandising (you know all those silly coupon machines that spit them out at you in the store? well he's in charge of those, and a lot more, in about a dozen local stores) is out and about. Glady is up to no good with her Easy Bake Oven,2551,1-10149-3114,00.html?detoured=1
I just found her a couple of recipes for mixes, since the ones at the store run about $4 each, which is outrageous. The above link is really funny - about how I feel about the silly thing, except it isn't something I had as a child. I learned to cook - real meals, for the whole family! at 9. I remember a triple-layer german chocolate cake from scratch that year... Speaking of firsts, I made my first cheesecake ever last week.

Why does this always end up about food?

Everyone is well - at least for a while. Who knew that four kids could have the stomach flu twice in ten days? Poor Johann was sick for almost a week. He lost weight, which my skinny little guy couldn't afford to do, but today I noticed that he is plumping back up nicely. He's learned a word for food - Cookie! - which is what he says if anyone has something he wants.

Glady and Juliet have vacation this coming week, and Phil has a heavy schedule, so we girls should have some fun - the weather has warmed a bit, too. Maybe sledding and baking are in order!

Love to all - sorry I have been away so long.