Monday, August 06, 2007


The kids are ready for some Fried Dough! (and a little tired. This was taken about half-way through our time at the park)Cedar and Glady take a spin in the teacups. Glady loved it, but Johann, riding with sisters and Papa, was not happy. He was clinging to Phil saying, "No, Papa! No! Out!"
On the other hand, Johann loved the train. He did get to ride it - here he is just happily watching it go by.
Juliet got to drive! Glady's riding behind her. (pouting a little that she didn't get to drive)
And Pippa drove Grandpa! (If you are wondering - Phil, Johann ad I sat this ride out.)
Gee-Up, Burro! Muchos Nachos!
Mwaaa-Ha-Ha-Ha! I have them all in Jail, off to do something on my own!
Princess Pippa in her Pumpkin Coach.
Phil and Dad have a... contest... with the water cannons.
Three generations on the carousel. That's Pippa with the hair over her face - she was getting into riding her horsie!

The girls first visit to an amusement park - We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day - Dad went along - the last time I was there, I must have been almost 8. The only thing I remember from that trip is riding the teacups with Grandma! Glady and I rode in one, Phil and the rest of the kids in another, to make all new memories for the next generation!

Oh, and I took about a hundred pictures! I'm putting up a few, and there will be more in a week or so when I develop film. The long lens on my film camera was perfect for taking pictures of the girls on the roller coaster, for instance!

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