Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Phil was admitted yesterday for cellulitis in his leg. We had gone in to have an ulcer on the back of his leg looked at - he's had it for almost a year, and finally let me get him set up with the doctor to see it. Then Saturday he had a balloon gig where he was on his feet for almost 7 hours straight, and his leg got really bad. So he is in the hospital for at least three days, possibly more. If he is still off his feet Saturday and Sunday I will have to come up with babysitting and do his balloon gigs on those two days myself. We couldn't afford to cancel them.

He's flat on his back with his feet over his head, and dopy with morphine at least some of the time. But still, this enforced absence from his family is going to drive him batty. I won't be able to go see him, as the van is down with bad brakes and my Dad's truck won't hold us all. Fortunately we have the phone.

I am holding down the fort here at the Farm, with groceries stocked in, and lots to do to keep me busy. The kids have school, and I found a ride for Juliet to get home from school tomorrow at least. (I am never doing half-day kindergarten again!) Sharon, God Bless You, has been an enormous help. Yesterday would have been miserable without you.

I am going to go get everyone's morning rolling now. I just printed out a bunch of pictures to send in to Phil.

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Seeker said...

One thing after another...
Hope it's all good soon. God bless!