Sunday, May 07, 2006


Well, yesterday was an eventful day. In the morning, Johann had a discharge from one of his ears, so I called the doctor. While waiting for her to call, It was decided that Sharon would take Pippa and Glady with her to Spacetacular, Dad would run errands, and Phil of coure was performing. Dad came home bearing blueberries and arborvitae, and while we were planting them the doctor called and asked us to take Johann to the hospital to be checked. Four hours later, we got home with amoxicillin and eardrops. Whew. not much happened, but it took a long time.

The girls had a great time with Sharon and Co. and then when they got home before us, Sharon did laundry and dishes that I hadn't gotten to yet. Friends are such a comfort. Poor Phil is coming down with this, though. He woke up last night with a fever. He's exhausted from yesterday, but I have to go and get him ready for another show now.

Keep us in your prayers, please. This is the first time any of the kids have had an ear infection.

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Seeker said...

I pray he will get over this quickly. Ear infections are painful.
Hope Phil can get some rest, and the rest of you remain healthy.
You are having a run of it lately!