Friday, May 25, 2007

Whew, It's Hot out there!

Well, I suppose this means summer has come... It is 85 this morning and going up. Phil has just left to twist for a park dedication in Merrimack. He and I have a couple of gigs together over Memorial Weekend. We are going to be at the Mount Washington Hotel tomorrow - that ought to be fun, and the Black Fly Blitz in Wilmot on Monday. Sunday will be our quiet day - we have been trying to keep them open (church is good!), and we will do our Ribfest! that day. Phil is going to rub them today, so they'll be wonderfully flavorful by Sunday. MMMMMM!

In other thoughts... Why would anyone wish you a Happy Memorial Day? That isn't what it's all about.

Most of our little ones have, as they began potty training, called it a "tinky" which started with their BoPop, who call it "poo-tinky". (One of these days I'm going to make him a t-shirt that reads "Poo-tinky happens" but he probably wouldn't wear it) But Johann just points down at his diaper and says "Ewwww!" He is so ready for a potty chair - now all I have to do is go get him one. Sigh. So close to having the last one out of diapers! And yet so far...

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