Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It was supposed to be hot today, and worse tomorrow, but so far it has been cool and rainy. I'm not complaining, mind you. Sometimes I think my natural habitat is the Pacific rainforest, because I am equally uncomfortable at extreme heat and cold. Phil is off to a balloon gig this morning, and then back out for a late afternoon "Magic, Ahoy!" I am packing off the printer we had had briefly and just couldn't keep up with the ink. As we send it off, though, we are planning on getting a smaller one. A good color printer is a must around here, between the need for flashy mailings to keep up with other competitors, and my facepainting being so graphic driven.

Well, scratch the rainy and cool. I was just outside and it is getting very hot and humid.

The girls are supposed to be cleaning their room. It has been so much better in there since they helped me boogie it at the beginning of summer, and usually they are good, but today they are like three little butterflies, fluttering about in completely random paths around me. Oh, well. When they figure out that it's peanut butter sandwiches for lunch unless it's clean, they'll get motivated!

I am going to get Phil's show packed for him, so he can just worry about lunch and bunny when he gets home. I have a little repair work to do and that's about it...

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Kathleen said...

I think I'm a Pacific rainforest person, too. Although, the first summer we were out here (right after Pippa was born), it got up to 108 F. at Grandma Vanderburg's place on the North Fork. That's pretty much unheard of for there, and it was miserable. The only worse thing I can think of would be if it had been that hot AND muggy at the same time. I've been thinking maybe when Grandma is gone Juniper and I might move back to Alaska, because I so dislike the heat. I can take cold weather much better.

Hope it cools off there soon.

love, Mom