Friday, July 14, 2006

So excited!

I got my facepainting kit last night. Saturday is the dress rehearsal, then Sunday my first paid gig. I spent a little time last night painting the girls. Here is Juliet as a tiger. The paints are much better than the first little one we picked up, and I am feeling much more confident about this now. Whee!

Second shot is Dad's head - he said he wanted a third eye - and then he went to Walmart like that! And with a skep on his forehead, too.


Sharon said...

I can verify that yes, Dad DID indeed go to WalMart with the third eye on the back of his head... I walked behind him to watch crowd reactions! OMG! TOO FUNNY! I give him credit for having the good natured nerve to do it! Cedar, very well done! I didn't even recognize Jules in that picture!!!!

Seeker said...

Nice work!
p.s. I've seen some strange sights at WalMart, too, but then we live in Chicago...