Saturday, February 25, 2006

A quiet afternoon here in NH. I have been asked if there are any signs of spring, but the answer is that they are being buried under falling snow as I type. We had a streak of warm weather earlier this month and I saw the tips of bulbs coming up on the south side of the girls’ school. However, I think that realistically we have another month to go before spring will begin to creep out from hiding.
I am working on a pirate weskit for Phil. This summer the Library theme is Treasure Reading, and we are having so much fun getting a pirate-themed show pulled together. I have several sewing projects that need my attention, so I think that is where this next week will be focused for me.
The girls, on the other hand, have next week off. That should be fun - hopefully it will be nice enough they can play outside every day. Juliet has her first loose teeth, and she is hoping they will come out soon. Johann is about ready to start sleeping by himself. i set up his crib in the girls’ room, and he has been napping in it, we’ll see how it goes in the night next week.
Tonight the plan is to all go to the Sanbornton Fire hall for their fundraiser spaghetti dinner. They’d asked Phil to come and twist for them, but we’ll go as a family, too. Right now the girls are having quiet time so they will behave later, and i am typing one-handed with Johann “helping”.
i’m going to go sit and play with him. i want to remember this - i don’t plan on having any more babies to cuddle.

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Sharon said...

I am putting money that Juliette will lose those two loose teeth by St. Patrick's day! :)